Source: Screenshot CNN

Michael Avenatti is one of the biggest losers who is becoming quite popular among the left. Stormy Daniel’s creepy porn lawyer is now the attorney of the third Kavanaugh accuser to come forward.

The creepy lawyer just went on CNN to answer questions asked by Jake Tapper. This is where things get bad.

He totally refuses to answer the biggest question about the entire accusation. Watch Him Squirm on Camera Here:

CNN’s Jake Tapper started, “She details a horrific assault, saying, ‘In approximately 1982, I became the victim of one of these gang or train rapes, where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present.’ Now, she didn’t specifically say that Kavanaugh was one of the attackers. Is your client claiming that Kavanaugh raped her?”

“I’m not going to have any further comment on that specific allegation,” Avenatti responded. “She’s going to detail that for the FBI and hopefully for the Senate Judiciary Committee, ultimately, in a public hearing. But I’m not going to provide any—”

Tapper interrupted, asking, “Are you saying that Kavanaugh was present? That Kavanaugh was present in the room? He was in the line? He was in the party? I mean, just to say he was present is a really egregious lack of specificity when you’re talking about charges this horrific.”

“Jake, I disagree completely with what you just said,” Avenatti stated.

It’s clear as day this is all made up. Avenatti is the shadiest person in politics as of right now, in my opinion. He can’t even answer the most important. DID HE DO IT OR NOT??

It’s a sad day in history when we can’t get a great Judge in Supreme Court because Democrats will do anything that is against Trump.

We all need to fight back against this! Let’s send this creep a message, “We’re not buying your bullsh*t, Avenatti!” Share this message out like crazy!