Tucker Carlson just responded to the letter pushed by Dianne Feinstein accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct back in high school. Feinstein passed this letter to the FBI.

“Fox News has learned that Senator Feinstein first heard about the claim back in July. And yet during 65 meetings with senators including Dianne Feinstein, more than 32 hours of confirmation hearings and 1,278 written follow-up questions from Democrats to Kavanaugh, the matter was never raised until today when Senator Feinstein sent it to investigators,” Trace Gallagher said.

After Feinstein claims she forwarded the letter over to FBI, Tucker Carlson came back swinging, exposing her for the liar she is.

“If there was a crime alleged 35 years later, presumably that would be referred to the Maryland state police, with the local police in Bethesda. Instead, Senator Feinstein sent it to the FBI, federal authorities who would have no obvious jurisdiction,” Carlson said.

“So that tells me right there that this is a crock and it is the worst kind of smear, a smear you cannot rebut against a man with a wife and small children, I’m not sure that I’ve seen anything lower ever.”